Sunday, 16 April 2017

THREE PICTURES: Former players at Dave Hainings wake

Some pictures back at the stadium after the funeral of Crawley Town legend, Dave Haining.

(Left to Right)
Phil Basey, John Leedham, Craig Whitington, Eric Whitington, Gary Brown, John Maggs, Tony Vessey, Tommy Warrilow, Gary Mitchell, Cliff Cant, Steve Breach

(Left to Right)
Phil Basey, John Maggs, John Leedham, Eric Whitington, Eddie McMullen, Dave Cockell
(All apart from Eric W were part of our 68/69 promotion side).

(Left to Right)
Eric Whitington, Phil Basey, Eddie McMullen, John Leedham, John Maggs, Dave Cockell, Craig Whitington

Broken Flag Club: Last league match at Town Mead

Programme Sellers in the early 70's

This of two programme sellers Mick Pickett (no idea where he is now) and the one with long dark hair is Alan Harding who still comes all the way from Cheltenham for home games. This one is courtesy of John Moon, via Mick Fox.

Turnstiles in the background and you can just make out the roof of the shed, which looks very new!

Crawley Town v Youngmans, Dec 1949

This pic is from a friendly match in December 1949 game against Youngmans (they were on a day trip to view their future homes/factory). Crawley won 10-0.This was our first season at Town Meadow.

Albert Cottages in London Road are visible in the background.

The photo is Courtesy of June Kennard (via Mick Fox), her Dad was Fred Kennard who at the time was Youngmans captain and is back row the one on the left shaking hands.